MySQL: Class Hierarchy

MySQL: Class Hierarchy MySQL  8.0.0 Source Code Documentation Main Page Related Pages Modules Namespaces Classes Files Class List Class Index Class Hierarchy Class Members Class Hierarchy This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically: [detail level 123456789]  C _db_code_state_  C _db_stack_frame_  C _entry  C _ft_vft  C _ft_vft_ext  C _hist_entry  C _st_ft_seg_iterator  C boost::geometry::traits::access< Gis_point, Dimension >  C boost::geometry::traits::access< Gis_point_spherical, Dimension >  ►C ACL_ACCESS  C ACL_DB  C ACL_HOST  C ACL_PROXY_USER  C ACL_USER  C Acl_cache  C Acl_cache_lock_guard Lock guard for ACL Cache  C acl_entry  C Acl_hash_entry  C ACL_HOST_AND_IP  ►C ACL_internal_schema_access Per internal schema ACL access rules  C IS_internal_schema_access Extension of ACL_internal_schema_access for Information Schema  C PFS_internal_schema_access Implementation of internal ACL checks, for the performance schema  C ACL_internal_schema_registry A registry for per internal schema ACL  C ACL_internal_schema_registry_entry  ►C ACL_internal_table_access Per internal table ACL access rules  C PFS_editable_acl Privileges for editable tables  ►C PFS_readonly_acl Privileges for read only tables  C PFS_readonly_world_acl Privileges for world readable tables  ►C PFS_truncatable_acl Privileges for truncatable tables  C PFS_truncatable_world_acl Privileges for world readable truncatable tables  C PFS_unknown_acl Privileges for unknown tables  C PFS_updatable_acl Privileges for updatable tables  ►C Acl_load_user_table_schema  C Acl_load_user_table_current_schema  C Acl_load_user_table_old_schema  C Acl_load_user_table_schema_factory  C AddDirtyBlocksToFlushList Add blocks modified by the mini-transaction to the flush list  C Addon_fields This class wraps information about usage of addon fields  C xpl::Admin_command_handler  C AIO The asynchronous i/o array structure  C AIOHandler Generic AIO Handler methods  C Sys_var_multi_enum::ALIAS  C Alter_info Data describing the table being created by CREATE TABLE or altered by ALTER TABLE  C Alter_inplace_info Class describing changes to be done by ALTER TABLE  ►C Alter_instance  C Rotate_innodb_master_key  C Alter_table_ctx Runtime context for ALTER TABLE  C Alter_table_hton_notification_guard Auxiliary class implementing RAII principle for getting permission for/ notification about finished ALTER TABLE from interested storage engines  C Altered_partitions Helper class for encapsulating new/altered partitions during ADD/REORG/..  C Json_scalar_holder::Any_json_scalar Union of all concrete subclasses of Json_scalar  C mysqlx::ArgumentValue  ►C Array_comparator Base class for predicates that compare elements in a JSON array  C Array_equal Predicate that checks if two array elements are equal  C Array_less Predicate that checks if one array element is less than another  C assign_node_t Assignment statement node  C my_boost::atomic< TType >  C my_boost::atomic< bool >  ►C THD::Attachable_trx Class representing read-only attachable transaction, encapsulates knowledge how to backup state of current transaction, start read-only attachable transaction in SE, finalize it and then restore state of original transaction back  C THD::Attachable_trx_rw A derived from THD::Attachable_trx class allows updates in the attachable transaction  ►C ngs::Authentication_handler  C xpl::Sasl_mysql41_auth  C xpl::Sasl_plain_auth  C ngs::Server::Authentication_key  C gis::srs::wkt_parser::Authority  C dd::cache::Dictionary_client::Auto_releaser Class to help releasing objects  C AutoIncLogMtr We can use this class to log autoinc counter  C dd::cache::Shared_multi_map< T >::Autolocker  C AutoRLock  C AutoWLock  C avgcost_data  C gis::srs::wkt_parser::Axis  C azio_stream  C sp_parser_data::Backpatch_info  ►C base_ilist< T >  C I_List< T >  C I_List< i_string >  C I_List< i_string_pair >  C I_List< Item_change_record >  ►C I_List< NAMED_ILINK >  C NAMED_ILIST  ►C base_ilist_iterator< T >  C I_List_iterator< T >  ►C base_list_iterator  C List_iterator< T >  C List_iterator< Item_sum >  C List_iterator< QUICK_RANGE >  C List_iterator_fast< T >  ►C List_iterator_fast< Item_field >  C Item_equal_iterator  C List_iterator_fast< Mrg_child_def >  C List_iterator_fast< Natural_join_column >  ►C lob::BaseInserter This struct can hold BLOB routines/functions, and state variables, that are common for compressed and uncompressed BLOB  C lob::Inserter Insert or write an uncompressed BLOB  C lob::zInserter Insert or write the compressed BLOB  C BG_distance< CoordinateSystem >  C BG_distance< bg::cs::cartesian >  C BG_distance< bg::cs::spherical_equatorial< bg::degree > >  C BG_geometry_collection A utility class to flatten any hierarchy of geometry collection into one with no nested geometry collections  C BG_models< CoordinateSystemType > A wrapper and interface for all geometry types used here  C BG_models< boost::geometry::cs::spherical_equatorial< boost::geometry::degree > >  C