MySQL: Replication

MySQL: Replication MySQL  8.0.0 Source Code Documentation Main Page Related Pages Modules Namespaces Classes Files Files | Namespaces | Classes | Macros | Typedefs | Enumerations | Functions | Variables Replication Files file   binlog_event.h   Contains the classes representing events occuring in the replication stream.   file   control_events.h   Contains the classes representing events operating in the replication stream properties.   file   load_data_events.h   LOAD DATA INFILE is not written to the binary log like other statements.   file   rows_event.h   Contains the classes representing events which are used for row based replication.   file   statement_events.h   Contains the classes representing statement events occurring in the replication stream.   file   rpl_slave.cc   Code to run the io thread and the sql thread on the replication slave.   file   rpl_slave.h   file   rpl_trx_boundary_parser.h   Transaction boundary parser definitions.   Namespaces   binary_log   The namespace contains classes representing events that can occur in a replication stream.   Classes struct   st_mts_db_names   class   Log_event   This is the abstract base class for binary log events. More...   class   Query_log_event   A Query event is written to the binary log whenever the database is modified on the master, unless row based logging is used. More...   class   Start_log_event_v3   Start_log_event_v3 is the Start_log_event of binlog format 3 (MySQL 3.23 and 4.x). More...   class   Format_description_log_event   For binlog version 4. More...   class   Intvar_log_event   The class derives from the class Intvar_event in Binlog API, defined in the header binlog_event.h . More...   class   Rand_log_event   Logs random seed used by the next RAND(), and by PASSWORD() in 4.1.0. More...   class   Xid_apply_log_event   class   Xid_log_event   This is the subclass of Xid_event defined in libbinlogevent, An XID event is generated for a commit of a transaction that modifies one or more tables of an XA-capable storage engine Logs xid of the transaction-to-be-committed in the 2pc protocol. More...   class   XA_prepare_log_event   Similar to Xid_log_event except that. More...   class   User_var_log_event   Every time a query uses the value of a user variable, a User_var_log_event is written before the Query_log_event , to set the user variable. More...   class   Stop_log_event   class   Rotate_log_event   This will be deprecated when we move to using sequence ids. More...   class   Append_block_log_event   This event is created to contain the file data. More...   class   Delete_file_log_event   Delete_file_log_event is created when the LOAD_DATA query fails on the master for some reason, and the slave should be notified to abort the load. More...   class   Begin_load_query_log_event   Event for the first block of file to be loaded, its only difference from Append_block event is that this event creates or truncates existing file before writing data. More...   class   Execute_load_query_log_event   Event responsible for LOAD DATA execution, it similar to Query_log_event but before executing the query it substitutes original filename in LOAD DATA query with name of temporary file. More...   class   Load_query_generator   class   Table_map_log_event   Table_map_log_event which maps a table definition to a number. More...   class   Rows_applier_psi_stage   class   Rows_log_event   Common base class for all row-containing log events. More...   class   Write_rows_log_event   Log row insertions and updates. More...   class   Update_rows_log_event   Log row updates with a before image. More...   class   Delete_rows_log_event   Log row deletions. More...   class   Incident_log_event   Class representing an incident, an occurance out of the ordinary, that happened on the master. More...   class   Ignorable_log_event   Base class for ignorable log events is Ignorable_event. More...   class   Rows_query_log_event   It is used to record the original query for the rows events in RBR. More...   class   Heartbeat_log_event   class   Gtid_log_event   This is a subclass if Gtid_event and Log_event . More...   class   Previous_gtids_log_event   This is the subclass of Previous_gtids_event and Log_event It is used to record the gtid_executed in the last binary log file, for ex after flush logs, or at the starting of the binary log file. More...   class   Transaction_context_log_event   This is the subclass of Transaction_context_event and Log_event This class encodes the transaction_context_log_event. More...   class   View_change_log_event   This is the subclass of View_change_log_event and Log_event This class created the view_change_log_event which is used as a marker in case a new node joins or leaves the group. More...   class   Transaction_boundary_parser   This is the base class for verifying transaction boundaries in a replication event stream. More...   Macros #define  SYSTEM_CHARSET_MBMAXLEN    3   #define  NAME_CHAR_LEN    64 /* Field /table na